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Bringing global warming to a halt is probably the most important challenge mankind will face in the 21st century.

Governments, environmental organizations, industries and consumers are actively working to preserve our environment for future generations by reducing emissions and rewarding energy-saving measures. Encouraged by the growing awareness that fossil fuels are not inexhaustible and energy prices will continue to rise, people are working to identify alternatives to these "traditional" energy sources.

In this struggle against global warming, the sun might be our greatest ally. Sunlight delivers an unlimited source of energy that photovoltaic technology transforms into electricity. Since Europe communicated its target to reduce CO2 emissions by generating 20 percent of energy requirements from renewable sources by 2020, research programs, new technologies and industry commitment should allow us to develop renewable energy from the sun for years to come.

Since buildings consume over 40 percent of worldwide electricity, Sapa can play a leading role in bringing solar energy to the fore. We integrate photovoltaic generation into aluminium facades, thereby helping customers with low-cost, sustainable power, and can provide project engineering support, including building design, that leads to return-on-investment.

With this solar promise in mind, Sapa with its dedicated team and systems brands, aims to be the preferred partner to help specifiers design sustainable buildings and contribute to a better environment for future generations.

Updated: 2013-06-13