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Sapa Extrusion Benelux

Intelligent Aluminium Profiles

Sapa Extrusion Benelux is a subsidiary of Sapa AS, an international group that specializes in the development, production and sale of high-quality aluminum products.

Sapa  is a market leader in the area of aluminum extrusion profiles. The Sapa Group has some 23,000 employees, enthusiastically working to fulfill even  the most varied client demands. 

Sapa Extrusion Benelux has 6 locations (3 in Belgium and 3 in Netherlands). Our extensive production machinery in the Benelux consists of, among other things, nine extrusion presses, two anodisation lines and a large number of specialised machines for performing any type of chipping processes.



Netherlands:  Belgium:
Drunen: +31-416-386300 Lichtervelde: +32-51-729811
Harderwijk: +31-341-464411 Ghlin: +32-51-729715
Hoogezand: +31-598-319911 Raeren: +32-87-859211


You can also contact us directly by email or by filling out our contact form

Summer Shutdown Notification

In order to maintain our manufacturing equipment both from a Health and Safety perspective and to ensure continuity of our production processes throughout the year, we advise the following reduced production dates. Our objective is to remain as flexible as possible for our customers over this period.


13th July to 31st July (weeks 29, 30 and 31)


20th July to 31st July (weeks 30 and 31)


20th July to 7th August (weeks 30, 31 and 32)


Drunen & Harderwijk: 
27th July to 7th August (weeks 31 and 32)



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