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Sustainable Aluminium Solutions

Our business is aluminium.

We believe aluminium provides the most suitable visual, technical and sustainable solution for today’s construction, transport and engineering sectors.

The market is looking for solutions that offer durability, recycling possibilities and energy-saving potential. We feel fortunate, because our solution is our business. In these categories, and others, there is no design material that enables so many solutions than aluminium.

  • High quality of the end product
  • Better constructions
  • Simplified logistics processes
  • Reducing assembly time
  • A constant high quality look

Aluminium has a unique combination of attractive properties. It is light, strong, durable, requires minimal maintenance, and is flexible and easy to handle. It is also resistant to corrosion, with the earliest installations of aluminium in construction still withstanding the test of time after well over 100 years. And our noble light metal can be reused for the same purposes over and over again with very limited impact on the environment and without entailing any loss in properties and quality.

Profiles that suit your needs

The unique material properties of aluminium enable countless shapes and more efficient material use. No other metal combines so many advantages in one single metal and in one single production process.

Thanks the combination of the product know-how of our customers and our expert knowledge in extrusion of aluminium, we work together in the optimal design of innovative products.

Discover the advantages aluminium provides to our customers and to numerous applications in a variety of areas.

Together we're shaping a lighter future


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Drunen: +31-416-386300 Lichtervelde: +32-51-729811
Harderwijk: +31-341-464411 Ghlin: +32-51-729715
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Summer Shutdown Notification

In order to maintain our manufacturing equipment both from a Health and Safety perspective and to ensure continuity of our production processes throughout the year, we advise the following reduced production dates.
Our objective is to remain as flexible as possible for our customers over this period.

Raeren & Lichtervelde:
18th July to 29th July (weeks 29 and 30)

Drunen & Harderwijk:
1st August to 12th August (weeks 31 and 32)

1st August to 19th August (weeks 31, 32 and 33)

To plan your orders in advance, please contact our sales team directly


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