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Sapa Profiles, Drunen

Sapa Profiles, Drunen

The Company Lips, managed by Mr. Maximilian Lips, started before the Second World War with the production of ship propellers. Maximilian Lips proved to be a man of vision. Because ... from one single activity emerged several new ones.

Thus in the first half of the fifties he bought every metal scrap that was available, sorted and processed it so that not just the propellers industry expanded, but that Lips earned also a worldwide reputation in terms of copper pipes.

In the scrap that the company processed, aluminum was found in big quantities, making it particularly interesting to start also with recycling and extrusion of aluminum.

In 1960 the aluminium factory started in Drunen with one press and an aluminum foundry as a part of Lips BV.


Installation of a second press (P2)


Joint Venture with Alcoa & Elkem – renaming in Aluminium B.V.


Investment into a third press


Installation of a fourth press (P4) and important investments into capacity expansion at the foundry


Investment into fabricating, name change in Alcoa Nederland B.V.


Installation of a new press (P5) as a replacement for P2


 Alcoa becomes 100% owner of Alcoa Nederland B.V.


 Modernization of P5


Modernization of the foundry


Joint Venture with Sapa


Investment into fabricating – installation of several CNC-machines


Norsk Hydro and Orkla sign the 50/50 Joint Venture between Hydro and Sapa. 1/09/2013 foundation of the Joint-Venture company Sapa.