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In Hoogezand (NL) and in Eupen (B), Sapa Extrusion Benelux produces dies for all its locations. Sapa also works with a number of external suppliers who are leaders in this area.

Client drawings are digitally converted into data for the milling cutters and eroding machines that produce the dies. Having your die produced by Sapa offers an enormous advantage in terms of precision, reliability and turnaround.

Our delivery time for new dies has been reduced from several weeks to only a few days. For repeat dies, it is sometimes only a question of hours.

There are two main classes of profile - solid and hollow:

  • Solid profiles are produced using a flat, disc-shaped die

DIES for solid aluminium profiles

  • Hollow profiles are produced using a two-part die. The mandrel, the part that shapes the cavity, is supported on a bridge, around which the metal flows during extrusion. The outer part of the die shapes the outside of the profile.

Dies for hollow aluminium profiles

Large and medium-sized profiles are pressed through a die with only one aperture. Smaller profiles can be pressed through multi aperture dies with as many as 16 apertures. Die lifetime depends on the shape and desired surface quality of the profile.

Our Design Manual illustrates some examples of solid and hollow profiles.

Are you interested to learn more about the possibilities to integrate several functions in one profile? Please feel free to contact us.

Updated: 2015-08-13