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Shaping the future

Shaping the future

During the extrusion process, aluminum billets are processed into profiles.

With the smallest Sapa press, we make profiles with a diameter of 5 mm and a weight of up to 30 grams per meter.
Our largest press produces profiles up to a width of 620 mm with a weight of up to 65 kilos per meter.

The extrusion process involves the following steps:
- Heating the billet up to kneading temperature (450-500 degrees Celsius)
- Pushing it through the die under high pressure
- Cooling down in order to strengthen the profile
- Stacking (2%) of the profile to reduce tension
- Custom sawing
- Aging at a temperature of 160-180 degrees Celsius, depending on the required mechanical properties. After this, the profile is ready for possible further processing or surface treatment.

Updated: 2012-07-19