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Powder coating

The most common method of applying a coating to aluminium profiles is powder coating. Sapa Profiles Nederland is certified for this process according to Qualicoat and the German GSB standards.

Pre-treatment is essential for maximum joining, durability, sustainability and corrosion protection. At Sapa, this also means degreasing and staining, followed by chemically treating the surface. Our chemical treatment, chrome-free or chrome-based, ensures perfect joining and effective corrosion protection.

There are almost no limitations in the selection of colours. We work with RAL and NCS S systems and, obviously, with client selected colours. For sterile environments, we work with anti-bacterial powder. The powder coating is applied and tempered without solvent. In contrast to liquid lacquer applications, 98% of the coating is used. The minimal quantity of powder that does not adhere to the product is collected and used to create energy through (safe) incineration.

Advantages in brief:
- No risk of dripping or bubbles forming
- High reproducibility
- Better impact and wear protection than with liquid lacquer
- Proper formation (bending after coating is generally possible)
- Suitable for outside use, thanks to corrosion and UV resistance.

The layer thickness can vary from 60 to 140 µm. It is therefore quite important to take the thickness of the lacquer into account when determining the measurements and tolerances of the profiles.

Updated: 2012-07-19