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For the sake of the environment

For the sake of the environment

After oxygen and silica, aluminium, at 8%, is the most prevalent element in the earth's crust. The minerals that make up aluminium are constantly being formed.

Therefore, aluminium is one of the few metals with an almost unlimited supply of raw materials.

Apart from iron, aluminium is by far the most used metal in the world. This is because of an appealing combination of unique properties, like low weight, great strength, the ability to be moulded, simple processing and resistance to corrosion. This counts for a lot in working toward a sustainable world.

Thus, aluminium’s light weight (approximately a third that of steel and copper), combined with its enormous strength, offers numerous possibilities for weight savings. Astute use of aluminium in a medium-size car can mean a difference of around 300 kilos. This implies substantial savings in terms of fuel and CO2 emissions.

A gigantic source of energy
Three quarters of all aluminium that has ever been produced is still in use. Many millions of tons potentially form an enormous source of energy savings because melting down aluminium requires only 5% of the energy needed to produce new material. Aluminium can be recycled an infinite number of times without the metal losing any of its unique properties.

Updated: 2014-04-22