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All News 2016

  • Spain edges toward recovery

    2016-04-18 |

    The numbers are looking better, but Spain is not yet ready to step forward and claim recovery from the economic crisis that damaged so much of its economy.

  • Quality matters

    2016-04-11 |

  • A sparkling optimist

    2016-04-11 |

    Meet Floor Verhorst-Willems, a sales-driven manager with a winner’s mentality and contagious energy and enthusiasm.

  • Pedal to the metal

    2016-04-11 |

    When cycling enthusiast Craig Gaulzetti found that no one was selling the exact bicycle he wanted to ride, he decided to build it himself.

  • Fun on three wheels

    2016-04-11 |

    Is it a car? Is it a motorcycle? The Morgan 3 Wheeler is a vehicle that shines like no other. It obviously has just three wheels. It is also made of aluminium and is hand-built by the Morgan Motor Company’s skilled craftsmen. At the start of the process, bare wood is trimmed, shaped and glued together in jigs. On top of a simple ladder frame, the wood is assembled into a body, and raw aluminium panels are hand-beaten over the frame. And when the aluminium is polished, the vehicle shines like the special star that it is.

  • Cycling for Scotland

    2016-04-11 |

    The Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow, Scotland, is one of the most versatile, flexible and innovative structures of its type in Europe.

  • Easing the pressure

    2016-04-11 |

    A new seat for people with complex postural and pressure management needs.

  • 5 trends: Sustainability

    2016-04-11 |

    While many might view aluminium as an extractive, energy-intensive and emissions-heavy industry, Secretary General Ron Knapp of the International Aluminium Institute explains how and why the light metal can be considered a sustainable product.

  • The cooler, the better

    2016-04-11 |

    The fundamentals of cooling an engine have not changed much in the past 50 years, but the technological advances have been stunning.

  • Top performance with new poles

    2016-04-11 |

    Traffic signal maintenance can be a perilous task for workers, but a new pole dramatically reduces the dangers and costs involved.

  • Small is beautiful

    2016-04-11 |

    The world’s smallest manifold wins a place in a hybrid electric vehicle program.

  • Healthy expertise

    2016-04-11 |

    The remarkable amount of construction that occurred in Spain before the economic crisis is now creating opportunities in other countries for its experienced professionals. A Spanish architectural firm that specializes in health care facilities is finding demand from all over the world.

  • Omega comes first for Granalu

    2016-04-11 |

    Omega is the name of the innovative aluminium solution that has brought the Spanish company Granalu back to life. “It saved us,” says Miguel Vidal.