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About Sapa Pole Products

About Sapa Pole Products

Technical know-how, expertise in design and attention to the environment and safety, are the foundation of our organization.

Sapa Pole Products is part of one of the largest and leading aluminum processing companies in the world, the SAPA Group. As an International company our customers are located across the Globe.

Reliable partner
Since the sixties Sapa Pole Products has been engaged in the development and manufacturing of durable, aluminum solutions for public spaces such as lighting columns, flagpoles and complete systems for mounting traffic lights. Years of experience make us a reliable and solid partner for your needs within the product markets in which we operate.

Leader in sustainability
In order to deliver sustainable products, Sapa strives continuously to reduce negative environmental impacts resulting from production processes. In line with our sustainable policy is the Cradle to Cradle® philosophy. It is a new approach to sustainable design, with completely new principles for the design and development of products, based on 100% recycled material. Since October 2011, our aluminum lighting columns have been Cradle to Cradle Certified silver.

As a one stop shop, we provide not only round lighting columns, but also square, rectangular or other desired shapes, from our factory in Drunen. Our range offers over 3000 different models, from functional lighting columns to custom made ​​designs. Our engineers would relish the opportunity to work with you to develop a solution for your projects.

Innovation is our added value
By combining our knowledge and experience of lighting column design and manufacturing, our knowledge of aluminum extrusion technology and processing methods, we can offer you the best possible quality and service.

Safety first
Sapa Pole Products is ISO and CE certified. To ensure their safety and quality, our products comply with the current European standard for lighting columns; the EN 40-6.

In our brochure 'Innovative aluminium solutions', you can read more about what you as a Customer can expect from us and the opportunities we have to offer.


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