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Climate Neutral

For many years Sapa offers the possibility to compensate CO2 emmissions via a compensation project of the Climate Neutral Group. As of 2013 Sapa invests in a Windpower project in India.

Windpower in India

Electricity is only available sporadically in the remote Karnataka region. The construction of a wind farm provides local households with a stable supply of clean energy. This improves people’s lives because they need less wood for cooking, and often none at all. This initiative cuts CO2emissions and reduces the amount of smoke in the houses. On a regional scale, air quality improves and deforestation is countered. The infrastructure has also been considerably improved, which has made the area more accessible. The combination of access to clean energy and good infrastructure creates new opportunities for the expansion of economic activity in the region.
This project was developed under the VCS standard.

Carbon Neutral Aluminium Lighting Columns. How does it work?

  • The CO2 emissions during the life time of a column have been determined with the help of a LCA scan (Life Cycle Analysis).  By means of these figures we can calculate how much CO2 compensation is needed in order to compensate for the CO2 emissions. The amount of compensation varies per column depending on the CO2 emissions in each column.
  • When the columns are being delivered you will receive an invoice which states the total amount of compensation required.
  • The compensation amount will be used by Sapa Pole Products for the compensation project. There are strict regulations with environmental federations.
  • Annually, you can receive a certificate from Sapa Pole Products proving your participation in the project and the amount of CO2 emissions compensated.

If you purchase our lighting columns climate neutral, you contribute to a better environment. For less than € 1.00 (for a lighting column of 6.0 meters / diameter 120/60 mm), you are already making a difference.