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Recycling and waste

Aluminium scrap is becoming an increasingly important raw material for the production of aluminium

Alu LogoRecycling comes from two prime sources; scrap material from the production process and used material from products that have been removed or replaced at end of life. The Sapa Group has 9 cast houses with a total recycle capacity of 35,000 tons of aluminium per year. One of the cast houses is located at our location in Drunen. This enables us to guarantee that our lighting columns contain at least 95% recycled material.

Recycling of aluminium

By using suitable sorting, recycled aluminium can be used for the same products over and over again:

  • without quality loss;
  • with a limited material loss: During the recycling process only a small percentage of the metal is lost due to the formation of aluminium oxide;
  • with a low energy consumption: the recycle process itself requires about 5% of the energy that is used in the production of primary aluminium.

By recycling aluminum, energy consumption and COemissions are reduced.


At Sapa, we have implemented an effective waste management system that targets metal scrap, hazardous waste and other general waste. This can be used for waste collection, sorting, storage and treatment.