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Sapa publishes Sustainability Report


Sapa has published its 2013 Sustainability Report. The report concentrates on the environmental, health, safety and social perspectives of the new joint venture’s consolidated sustainability initiatives.

Sapa publishes Sustainability Report“We have made progress on our sustainability objectives, but still lack targets in some areas. We are focusing on these in the current year. The work we do toward reaching our environmental, social and financial targets is helping drive our business forward and creating value for our stakeholders,” says Susanne Rothstein (pictured left), vice president responsible for Corporate Social Responsibility for Sapa.

“We brought together the extrusion industry’s two leading players, and we are now addressing the market as one strong company. We have the expertise to make the most out of aluminium solutions, so as the world prepares for a low-carbon future, we are in a unique position to be part of the solution. Together, we are shaping a lighter and more sustainable future – already today.”

Sapa’s 2013 Sustainability Report is an interactive PDF, adapted for reading on computer screens or tablets. It is available in the Sustainability section of Sapa's internet.


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