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HE3, High energy absorbing

The safest solution in case there is an obstacle behind the column.

If a decision is made to use passively safe lighting columns, it is possible to choose from a number of different crash classes. The safest column for a particular road situation depends on the permitted speed, the presence of other obstacles/objects and the possible presence of third parties. The safest column is the best choice not just for the passengers of the colliding vehicle but also for any pedestrians.

Obsticle behind the column
HE columns decelerate a vehicle the most but generally also cause the most damage to the vehicle which can result in secondary danger for the occupants. In addition, the occupant(s) will have to cope with a greater impact than in case of an NE/LE column. The exit speed is between 0 and 50 km/h (for a test at 100 km/h), which means that the risk of secondary collisions with trees, pedestrians and/or other road users, for example, is reduced to the lowest possible level. The ultimate HE3 column stops the car (NO exit speed) and at the same time achieves the required occupant safety level.

The HE3 column of Sapa 
To obtain the HE3 classification, a patented ‘catch-up’ construction is integrated into the column. The construction ensures that during an impact, the speed of the vehicle is heavily reduced, whilst at the same time, guaranteeing maximum occupant safety.