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Cantilevers and gantries

Cantilevers and gantries

These light-weight structures can withstand a big load of wind forces.

Safety in public space is a prerequisite for products for facilitating traffic. Sapa Pole Products tests its products extensively. As a result, you are assured of reliable products that are certified according to the applicable European standards EN 1090-3 and tested according to EN 12767.


The cantilever consists of one leg of 4-8 meters high with a beam of up to 11 meters. On the horizontal beam, a number of traffic signal heads and signs can be mounted. The strength calculations are made on the basis of your demands. The possibilities include combining traffic signals, street lighting and any illuminated signs. The upright and the bracket are supplied in brushed finished aluminum, since aluminum does not need protection against corrosion. However all structures are also available in any RAL powder-coated finish, in order to match existing street furniture. Click on the links to view technical drawings of a 4 meter8 meter and 8,9 meter cantilever.


Where larger spans need to be bridged, the cantilever can also be adjusted to become a gantry. Again, you have the opportunity to apply combined traffic signals, street lighting and possibly illuminated signs. The imposition on the stand and the coupling of the beam parts are realized by clamping structures. As well as for cantilevers, gantries are supplied in brushed finished aluminum. Optional powder coating is possible.






There are multiple Sapa clients in the UK who have good experiences with these kinds of products. Mr. Moore from the town of Whitburn in Sunderland, England, says the following: "Having used Sapa aluminium Traffic Regulation Installations for the first time at Seaburn in Sunderland, we are impressed with the ease of installation, coupled with the improvements to Health and Safety, in particular manual handling and the reduced requirement for working at height."