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Two esthetical versions of the highest standard

AluforceThese specially designed columns bear the name Aluforce. Two esthetical versions of the highest standard: a profiled version and a narrow section cylindrical column, making them suitable for many fields of application at various locations.

Aluforce columns can be provided with an attachment in the shape you choose.
In the profiled model, these attachments can be fastened to the column profile and to the sides of the column profile. In the cylindrical version only, the attachments can be fixed into the column top.



•  Standard Aluforce columns are supplied in an electrostatically powdercoated version
   in one of the many standard RAL colours of your choice.
•  Aluforce columns can be supplied with a column height ranging from 2 - 6 metres.
•  The coupling to the column is made of cast aluminium.
•  Aluforce column doors are made of a specially developed vandal-proof profile
   provided with a high-security lock.
•  The integral mounting rail (supplied as standard with adjustable nuts M6 and earth
   nut M8) allows for easy electrical connection.
•  A special Aluforce column base-plate can be used at locations where the column
   must be mounted on concrete.


                            cylindrical version                                     profiled version