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BulldogThe extra strong pole

Sapa Pole Products has added a pole to its assortment, namely: “The Bulldog”. This extra strong lighting and flagpole, established by enlarging the wall thickness, is especially designed for areas with severe circumstances, such as a lot of vandalism. The bulldog pole is three times as strong as a standard pole, so there is less chance of dents. To make the lighting pole complete it can be equipped with the new “Alulock” and the LPDE-protector. The “Alulock” is a patented door lock that can only be opened with a special key. The LDPE-protector, which is available in black or gray, protects the pole up to 25 cm above ground level against mechanical damage such as road sweepers. A lighting pole with these accessories is an ideal product for urban areas, recreational areas and parks.

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