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Conical columns

Conical lighting columnsSapa Pole Products offers conical lighting columns of superior quality, which are manufactured from a seamless aluminium tube. We have three types of conical lighting columns: conical post-top columns, conical lighting columns with single or double bracket and conical curved lighting columns.

General Characteristics
The conical column is manufactured out of one seamless aluminium tube. It has a cylindrical part with a door section, followed by a conical section and then a cylindrical top upon which the lantern is mounted. If desired, columns can be supplied anodized or electro statically powder-coated

•          The columns are equipped with a welded 
           patented reinforcement profile and a welded sliding rail. (including two 
           sliding nuts M6x16 and a M8)
•          Flush fitting door  with 2 triangular door locks;
•          Root section will be supplied with corrosion protective tape;
•          A protective ring for the base of the column
•          A cable entry slot
•          Optional LDPE protector, in black or grey;
•          Alloy EN AW-6060 T66
•          Carbon neutral available

To manufacture a column according to the technical norm (EN40), it is important to calculate if the column and the lantern are a match. The size and weight of the lantern are important factors.
All our lighting columns are CE certified and are calculated according to the EN40-3-3 norm.