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Cylindrical Columns

Cylindrical ColumnsSapa Pole Products offers a wide variety of cylindrical lighting columns. We offer three types of cylindrical columns, the cylindrical post-top column, the cylindrical stepped post-top column and the cylindrical stepped lighting column with single bracket.

General Characteristics
A cylindrical lighting column is manufactured from one seamless aluminium tube and is available in different variations. All columns are supplied as standard in satin brushed finish, ready for installation. If desired, columns can be supplied anodized or electro statically powder-coated.

•          The columns are equipped with a welded
           patented reinforcement profile and a welded sliding rail. (including two 
           sliding nuts M6x16 and a M8)
•          Flush fitind door with 2 triangular door locks;
•          Root section will be supplied with corrosion protective tape;
•          A protective ring for the base of the column
•          A cable entry slot
•          Optional LDPE protector, in black or grey;
•          Alloy EN AW-6060 T66
•          Carbon neutral available

To realize a norm technical (EN40) responsible preparation, it's important to review if the column and the lantern are attuned to each other. Hereby are the wind capturing surface and the weight of the lantern important factors.
All our lighting columns are CE certified and are calculated according to the EN40-3-3 norm.