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The high hinged column

Sapa Pole Products’ Product Development department has designed a raising and lowering column, suitable for columns up to 10m. Due to the low weight of aluminium, these hinged columns can be lowered and raised by hand. Depending on the top load, a suitable column can be supplied, with or without root section.
The ‘high hinged column’ is suitable for lighting as well as signs and cameras and allows the column to be lowered for cleaning or maintenance of the placed equipment.

The hinge mechanism is placed approximately half way up the columns, which allows the column top to be lowerd to 1.5 m above ground level. After the door is opened, the mechanism can be triple-unlocked from inside. the column can be lowered by hand, by means of a Teflon cord.

The Sapa ‘High Hinged Column’ is quick, simple and safe to operate due to the low weight of an aluminium column.

We would like to refer you to our instruction manual for the high hinged column.

High hinged column