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Functional column with bracket

These lighting columns often are placed alongside provincial and national roads at some distance from the roadway, it is necessary to place the lantern at a distance from the column, i.e. over the roadway. For this, Sapa Pole Products supplies columns with a single and double bracket.

The dimensions of these brackets are matched to the lantern to be used and the desired column height. The single and double brackets can be fixed or demountable (assembly is achieved by a cast piece or an invisible joint). You can choose between a conical and a cylindrical stepped shape.


Conische lichtmast met uithouder

Conical columns with bracket

The conical column is manufactured out of one seamless aluminium tube. It has a cylindrical part with a door section, followed by a conical section and then a cylindrical top upon which the lantern is mounted. 






Cilindrisch verjongde lichtmast met uithouder

Cylindrical stepped lighting columns with bracket

The different column diameters decrease towards the top of the column. The position and number of steps can be altered to suit your design.  







  • The columns are equipped with a welded patented reinforcement profile and a welded sliding rail (including two sliding nuts m6x16 and a M8).
  • Flush fitting door with 2 triangular locks.
  • The root section will be supplied with corrosion protective tape.
  • A protective ring for the base of the column.
  • A cable entry slot.
  • Alloy EN AW-6060 T66.
  • Optional columns can be supplied anodized or electro statically powder-coated.
  • Optional PP protector, in black or grey.
  • Cradle to Cradle Certified™ silver.