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Sign Posts

Wouldn't it be nice if the entire streetscape was of a uniform design? That all of the columns placed in your region are safe? And that you can avoid unnecessary clutter?

Sapa has a solution for this problem. Our range of products no longer stops with Lighting Columns and Traffic Signal Poles. We also have a full range of Traffic Sign Posts manufactured from aluminium - THE material of the future.

The advantages of Sapa aluminium Traffic Sign Posts are:

  • Considerable savings in time and money (up to 73%)! Forward your records to us and we can indicate your savings.
  • Traffic Sign Posts are easily accessible because they can be fitted with a door to allow illumination.
  • Sapa offers fully crash tested Traffic Sign Posts which are tested to EN12899. For crash tests of our Sign Posts, have a look at our crash test video page. 

Single legged, Twin legged and Shored up multi legged Sign Posts

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