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Solar Solutions

Sapa provides solutions for all segments of the solar energy industry.

Solar solutions Sapa

The development of more profitable and renewable energy, such as solar energy is growing rapidly. The reason for this explosive growth is simple: the sense of urgency. The traditional resources where we get our energy from become exhausted. Renewable resources are the answer.

Solar poles for multiple use
There is an increase in poles that are equipped with solar modules to generate renewable energy for various purposes. The generated energy can be used for the whole or part of the public lighting, small TRI set-ups, weirs and other switching structures. In consultation, the construction can be customized and designed to your needs and preferences.

Soluxio is 100% self-sufficient
In areas where no electricity network is available, the Soluxio® is the answer. The Soluxio® is a stand-alone light pole with highly efficient, integrated, cylindrical solar panels, 100% self-sufficient in its energy need.

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