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In areas where there is no grid or other lighting infrastructure available, you might be having a real lighting challenge. The Soluxio is the solution.

This high-tech stand-alone pole charges itself by making use of highly efficient, integrated cylindrical solar panels. Even in case of cloudy weather, low yield or indirect sunlight, the light pole generates the desired amount of energy.

The Soluxio is developed with world leading partners, resulting in the best solution in all minor details. Developed, engineered and manufactured in the Netherlands means that only the highest quality is delivered conform European Standards.

Advantages of the Soluxio are:

  • Pre-assembled, ready to use
  • Modular solar construction
  • Intelligent control system
  • Low maintenance & high reliability
  • Design and customizations


If you would like to read more about this product, please visit: www.soluxio.lighting.