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Traffic Signal Pole Selection Matrix

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Traffic Signal Pole Selection Matrix

* Cranked pole (swan neck)
**D145 + D165 can be supplied with shear-off inside to reach 70NE3 or 100NE3. D165 van also be upgraded to bigger diameters up to d250 if more strength is needed. In those cases a shear-off inside the column is always needed to become passive safe (class 70NE3/100NE3).
*** Raise and Lower version optional 

The advantages of aluminium Traffic Signal Poles are:

  • They are suitable for a 114 socket/root section which is often the existing situation in case of replacements/renovations.
  • Because of the material aluminium the poles have a low weight, which makes them easy to install.
  • The Traffic Signal Poles can be supplied with a reïnforced door to easily access the electricity functions.
  • We can give you advice on the foundation of the pole according to the sign structure guide (SSG2010).