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Traffic Signal Pole

... gives you the green light.

Traffic Regulation Installations come in all shapes and sizes. From gantries to push button poles. Sapa Pole Products has developed a range of Traffic Signal Poles that are suitable for all kinds of traffic situations.

The advantages of aluminium Traffic Signal Poles are:

  • They are suitbable for a 114 socket/root section which is often the existing situation in case of replacements/renovations.
  • Because of the material aluminium the poles have a low weight, which makes them easy to install.
  • The Traffic Signal Poles can be supplied with a reïnforced door to easily access the electricity functions.
  • We can give you advice on the foundation of the pole according to the sign structure guide (SSG2010).


To view our certificate, click here.

For examples of the excellent performance of these traffic signal poles, please have a look at our crash test video page.