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A company full of advantages

Sapa is the world's leading producer of extruded aluminium profiles with operations all over the world. Sapa Profiler AB is market leader on the Swedish market.

Since 1963 we have dealt with the development, production and marketing of aluminium profiles. Apart from this, we fabricate, surface treat and joint together parts into complete systems. And more and more frequently, we assemble complete finished products, as well as take care of packaging and logistics. In this way, we do not only supply high quality profiles. We also take part in the development of our customers’ business in a broader sense.

Aluminium is the second most widely used metal after iron. This is because aluminium has a unique combination of attractive properties. Many of these are vitally important in building a sustainable society. Low weight, high strength, formability, ease of production, corrosion resistance and high thermal and electrical conductivity are some of the most valuable properties of aluminium. Aluminium can also be recycled repeatedly, which is an important environmental benefit.