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When we have done our part, we can be of even more use

After the aluminium profile has been extruded, processed and surface treated, we have even more to offer.

Image: Assembly

Image: Packaging

Being an industrial partner, we can also ensure that the profile is not only a profile, but a finished product – ready to be sent to wholesalers, retail points of sale or directly to the customers of our customers.

On the account of our customers we can assemble complete systems, where the profile is a part of a larger entirety. We purchase the supplementary parts, package the finished (or semi-finished) product and handle all the related logistics tasks. And because no customer is like the order, all profiles have their own peculiarities and the needs of the final customers vary, each service assignment is different. This is what a partnership is about in the last resort.

Process savings through final assembly, packaging

Some customers wish that we deliver profiles in the simplest manner possible – without big requirements regarding protection during transport. Others want their products to be packaged as if they were made of glass. More and more customers want us to take care of the final assembly in a greater or smaller degree. For us, it is important that we can contribute to the customers’ process savings – making the different stages more effective, cheaper and of higher quality.

Reducing the costs with EDI

Information can also be regarded as an ingredient of the production flow. This is why we constantly improve our electronic communication capacity with our customers – using the EDI format. And thanks to the fact that we co-operate with many companies representing the absolute front edge of logistic solutions and just-in-time thinking, we have the experience which is necessary for our production system to communicate effectively with the customers’ business systems, and vice versa.

This makes that we are today able to receive delivery schedules and orders in EDI format. We send back order confirmations and current information regarding order balances and levels. We exchange forecasts and can provide the customers with electronic invoices – everything according to their requirements. And as the integration needs increase, we follow the trends and develop new EDI-based services. All this in order to automate the information flow even more, increase the degree of standardization, avoid manual registration and eliminate sources of errors. We believe, namely, that our customers, just like ourselves, want to reduce their administrative costs.