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Learn – and relearn

When you finally see a solution, it seems obvious. It is all about collecting so much experience and knowledge that your creativity is given free scope. This is why we are willing to share with you everything we have learnt during the years.

Profile seminar

We are keen to share our knowledge and solutions. One example is our profile seminars, which are aimed at companies that may want to work with us in the future. We visit your company and explain the possibilities that are opened up by the unique characteristics of aluminium profiles. We give talks on the properties of aluminium, extrusion technology, show off our products and product case stories and give an introduction to Sapa Profiles.

We offer a source industrial experience that combines technical know-how with potential benefits in areas ranging from material selection, engineering and design solutions to economics. Many say afterwards that the seminar is a real revelation, while others express their surprise at having learned something new about this strong and lightweight metal.

If you are interested in taking part in one of our profile seminars, or have an idea or engineering solution that could be realised with the help of the most exciting metal in the world, please contact us.

The seminar is aimed at those who work in areas such as purchasing, technology, engineering, design and production.

Feel free to contact us for more information or to enquire about arranging an engineering meeting at your company!

Design Manual

Sapa Profiler's Design Manual contains practical tips and guidelines concerning various profile designs.

Read more about the Design Manual