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Construction and design – an exchange of ideas

A Sapa profile is often the result of a close co-operation and exchange of ideas between our technicians and the customer’s engineering department. Many a time industrial designers are also involved in the project already from the beginning.

 In situations when our customer companies do not have a sufficient engineering or signing competence, we have the possibility to assume a greater responsibility – from the drawing to the finished profile.

Experience from over 100,000 constructions

At our disposal we have the experience gained from more than 100,000 different profile constructions. This makes that we easily can come with new angles of approach in a project.  A refinement that solved a specific problem in, for example, a window profile can have a new similar application in an engine, a vessel structure or a yacht mast.

Design that lifts the profile
It is not so strange that the extrusion technology and aluminium attract many industrial designers. Both the material and the manufacturing method provide great opportunities for creating products in which the form and the functionality are united in a beautiful entirety. And as an aid in this process we have our own designers who, on the one hand, can guide the customers’ own design staff in their development efforts, and, on the other hand, can contribute with concrete solutions for those companies that have no in-house competence in this area. Our task is to interpret the customers’ intentions and to optimise the final result. It is often possible to improve the design of a construction by simple means.

In some projects design is the main element (and may cost a lot of money). In other jobs it is more a question of giving a finishing touch to an existing construction – subordinating the form to a function or a given budget framework.

Joining the project at an early stage

It is a great advantage, if we can join the project at an as early stage as possible – everything in order to optimise the properties of the finished profile. We know the properties of the different alloys inside and out. We know what tolerances should be applied and how different elements made of profiles can be joined together for best strength. Our competence in the field of machining is extensive. We also know what a high quality surface treatment can do to give the profile the right feeling.

For us, the construction and design process is all about exchanging ideas. And this is why we want to share our knowledge and experience with others – through our customer teams as well as our research and development centre, Sapa Technology. Our Design Manual has also become a standard piece of work in our line of business.