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Machining and fabrication

A smartly designed aluminium profile requires less post-processing. But if the profile needs processing, it is perfectly suitable for forming and jointing.

Image: Mechanical treatmentWe know the properties of the material down to the atom level. We also have the latest machines, control systems and tools. At the same time we constantly develop and improve our processing methods. We punch, drill, cut, tape, glue, bend, shear, weld, turn and mill the profiles.

Apart from this, we pave the way for completely new applications. Hydroforming is a shining example of how we help our customers to develop complex profiles with a changing cross-section. Being a world leader in Friction Stir Welding – a welding method which results in completely pore-free and tight joints with a high strength – we can offer our customers entirely new possibilities.

Processing that reduce delivery times

A lot of the processing tasks which the customers used to perform themselves are now done by us. This makes that we often are an integrated part of the customers’ own production chain – with everything it entails in the field of traceability, quality control and logistics. “Just-in-time” is a part of our everyday work. One of our tasks is to shorten the delivery times for the customers. Since we are able to assume the total responsibility for the product – from extrusion to machining and fabrication, we avoid unnecessary transports between different production sites.

By high-speed machining we do not only save time – the profile walls can be thinner and the tolerances tighter. This in turn makes aluminium even more competitive as structural material.