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An industrial partner offering soft values

Just as much as we look upon us a profile manufacturer, we are a knowledge company and an industrial partner. This is an approach that permeates everything we do.

We do not only manufacture aluminium profiles, but we co-produce them together with our customers (and sometimes our customer’s customer). It is a form of co-operation that also creates a basis for a continuous product and process development.

Apart from developing the “hard” profiles, we contribute to an ever-growing extent to an improved effectiveness of the customers’ “soft values” – their design, production, distribution and business processes. The profile is often a part of a bigger entirety – a product or a system. And then we can contribute with everything from the participation in the design and engineering stage to the shortening of the delivery times and the improvement of the final product quality through more effective post-processing, surface treatment and assembly. Apart from this, we help with the logistics – the packing and distribution of the finished profiles. Through our sister companies located all over the world we are also able to move the production even closer to the customers of our customers – no matter if they are based in the USA or China.

The fact that we are also able to recycle the end-of-life products by remelting them guarantees an environmental way of thinking – throughout the entire cycle.