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About Sapa Extrusion in China

Sapa owns two aluminium extrusion and fabrication plants in China.

Sapa in Shanghai

Sapa aluminium solutions in ChinaSapa’s plant in Jiading, Shanghai, is a wholly owned advanced fabrication facility established in March 2003.

The plant manufactures components or products with high technology based on aluminium extrusions for the telecommunication and power industries, among others, such as automotive.

The site offers a range of fabrication services, with friction stir welding and CNC machining the most central of these. The plant’s mission is to supply “engineered solutions” based on aluminum profiles for customers worldwide.

Sapa in Suzhou

Sapa’s plant in Suzhou is a wholly owned extrusion facility that supplies customers in the advanced market for industrial extrusion solutions. Established in 2012, the plant operations joined Sapa in 2013 in the joint venture that brought together the extrusion activities of Hydro and Sapa.

Sapa aluminium solutions in ChinaThe plant uses proven technology and equipment that is also used in Europe and the United States – all key equipment has been imported from Europe and the U.S.

The operation offers customers superior production quality. This includes chip-less cutting and heat treatment processes that provide more uniform grain size, advanced and uniform mechanical properties, and greater precision.

The plant is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, about 80 kilometers northwest of Shanghai.