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Sapa strives to be an attractive company to work in. To achieve our goals, we must succeed in our efforts to recruit, retain and develop highly qualified employees.

Sapa is shaping the future. Our future.


Why Sapa Profiles Kft?

Sapa Profiles Kft is the largest aluminium profile producer in Europe which achieved almost 300 Million Euro revenue with nearly 1200 employees, exporting more than 90% annual production. Sapa is a significant employer in the region.

Sapa's core values

Our core values represent the continuity that has been -and will continue to be- so important to our success.

     Enterpreneurial Spirit: To recognize the opportunities in a business venture and have the ability to make it profitable, while recognizing the risk. Sapa supports and encourages the enterpreneurial spirit of its employees.

     Commitment: To provide all Sapa employees support and tools to ensure their constant commitment and willingness to always be there.

     Honesty: To ensure that all Sapa employees will be honest and responsible in dealing with customers, auppliers, co-workers, shareholders and the communities where Sapa has an impact.

     Responsibility: To ensure that Sapa works safely in a manner that promotes the health and well-being of the individual and the environment.

     Innovative Focus and Customer Orientation: To identify intelligent solutions to problems and opportunities in a creative work environment and to realize that everything we do must be based on the needs of the customer and the market. Only by being customer-oriented will we obtain true commercial value in our operations.

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