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Powder coating

Powder coating

Sapa Profiles Ltd operates a modern EISENMANN electrostatic powder coating surface treatment line for profiles and sheets.

The company maintains the ISO 9001, Qualicoat and GSB certifications.

Maximum dimensions:

 - Length: 7000mm

- Height: 1500mm

- Width: 500mm

Weight loadable onto a rack is limited to: 200kg

Quality of colors and paint thickness: Sapa Profiles Ltd works with special textures and all RAL colors. Pre-treatment and powder application processes are closely controlled.

Applied pre-treatment process: Aluminium: Degreasing, rinsing, yellow chromating

Powder surface: bright gloss, silky gloss, dull gloss, special effect coatings

Powder types: Sapa Profiles Ltd uses only powder supplied by an established manufacturer with international qualification.  For interior applications: epoxy or epoxy-polyester. For exterior applications: polyester

Layer thickness: 40-200 microns. QUALICOAT +CSB specifies a minimum layer thickness of 60 microns for external applications.  

Environmental protection

Sapa Profiles Ltd  is an industry leader in evironmental protection. Only lead-free and cadmium-free paints are used in the process. All handling of hazardous chemicals or materials used or generated during the process is carried out in in strict compliance with goverment an Sapa regulations.

Clenaing of the hanging tools, which is a prerequisite to the proper electrical contact that highly influences the quality of the product, is performed in a fluidized bed paint incinerator.