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Brochures, Catalogues and Design manuals

Please use the form below to order copies of our catalogues, you can also download PDF versions. We can only send our brochures to the UK and Eire. For worldwide assistance please contact www.sapagroup.com

Brochures and catalogues

"Sapa Solar Brochure"
Solar brochure cover image
"Scaffold Tube"
Product information for scaffold tubes now supplied by Sapa Profiles
"A Unique Profile"
Aluminium profiles do not recognise borders; neither does Sapa. This means that our combined production resources and expertise are available for any customer in any country.
"Packing Brochure"
Recommended packing methods with minimum costs / maximum protection for your products and the environment
"Standards Catalogue"
A complete catalogue of our extensive range of standard aluminium profiles.
"Surface Treatment"
In this brochure we will explain how extruded aluminium profiles can be surface treated. How different surface treatment methods can be used to create different properties, decorative as well as functional. Tick the box above to order a copy.
"Design Solutions for Aircraft Maintenance"

"Sapa UK in brief"

"Why Choose Sapa?"

"Sapa UK Application Centre"

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