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4th UK Profile Design Academy

4th UK Profile Design Academy

On 27/28th March 2012 - designers and engineers from all different market sectors participated in Sapa Profiles UK, 4th Profile Academy.

These participants were a mix of existing customers, new contacts generated from exhibitions, leads from websites and by word of mouth from previous Academies.  Sapa employees also attended the course making a total of 51 people.

The development of our technical team over the last two years, along with our investment in Fabrication and the Application Centre based in Redditch, has allowed us to enter the Profile Academy arena. The feedback from our guests who attended this event has again been extremely positive and we have met and in some cases exceeded their expectations.

Matthew Oliver from Tata Motors said; "Sapa has a good solid 'feel' to it as a company. It makes a lasting impression and would therefore be in your thoughts for future reference."  

We take this opportunity to thank all our employees for their contribution, particularly our tour guides and lecturers, it is with their team effort which makes our Academies both successful and great fun.