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Light technology from Sapa

Light technology from Sapa

Aluminium is three times lighter than steel. It is strong, resistant to corrosion and can be recycled many times without any loss of metal

These are only some of the properties that make aluminium profiles the preferred alternative to heavy steel structures in the design of mounting systems for solar energy systems – from photovoltaics (PV) and thermal collector systems to new concentrated solar power (CSP) plants.

Sapa is the world’s leading provider of extruded aluminium profiles and has a dedicated business that provides solutions to the fast-growing solar industry. This dedication and the resulting experience and expertise are reflected in Sapa having the world’s largest number of aluminium structures for solar applications.

The global solar industry is expanding rapidly. As solar energy projects are growing in scale, so does the quantity of material required for their mounting systems. Sapa is one of only a few suppliers capable of providing today’s increasing volumes of aluminium profiles and structures in sufficient quantity and quality.

Suppliers of mounting systems can reduce their manufacturing costs by sub-contracting fabrication and machining of profiles to Sapa. Customers can choose to have their profiles delivered surface treated, e.g. anodised or powder coated; machine processed e.g. drilled, cut or bent; or preassembled to larger aluminium structures.

Sapa has an engineering capability that helps customers optimise their mechanical designs and thus streamline production processes.

Customers may, for example, be recommended to bend a long aluminium profile instead of welding several steel parts together –achieving the similar design properties at a lower weight and production cost.

Using optimisation software, Sapa can perfectly dimension the use of materials to achieve maximum cost efficiency for each customer application.

Sapa’s offering to the solar industry includes solutions for photovoltaics (PV), thermal collectors, mounting systems, solar inverters and CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) plants.

Sapa provides aluminium profiles, mounting devices and other appliances necessary for easy mounting. We can assist customers throughout the lifetime of their applications, from design specification to logistic support.