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Framing Solutions from Sapa Profiles UK Customer - Twinfix

Framing Solutions from Sapa Profiles UK Customer - Twinfix

Twinfix have worked with Sapa Profiles in designing a framing system that could be used with Lexan Thermoclick in vertical glazing applications. The Twinfix design unlike many others incorporates a thermal break.

The initial design was by Twinfix’s own technical team but when help was needed it was decided that Sapa was the extruder chosen to assist with the development of the new profile. Twinfix has worked with Sapa on many other similar projects over the past 20 years and today Sapa produce over 50 of the Twinfix glazing extrusions.

Commenting on the Thermoclick Glazing Bar, Martin Fleet, a director of Twinfix said, “The Thermoclick Glazing Bar project is an excellent example of cooperation between us, the system manufacturer and Sapa, our chosen profile supplier”.

Twinfix Glazing Bars produced by Sapa Profiles have been used on numerous installations throughout the UK.

At the top of blocks of flats in Wakefield, West Yorkshire is the lift gear for the elevators.

The local council wanted to enclose this area so the lift gear is protected from the elements.

Twinfix worked with a local installer and Lexan Thermoclick was chosen as the best product for the job. Twinfix supplied the panels cut to size and the thermally broken Sapa bars in standard lengths for finishing and framing on site.

Twinfix incorporated Thermoclick into the design of its own bike shelter at its offices in Warrington.

It enabled the company to train its own installers in how Lexan Thermoclick is put together using the Sapa-produced glazing bar.

Argyll Arcade is a Victorian shopping centre in the heart of Glasgow, they have a number of small skylights beneath the main roof where the glass and its frame needed to be replaced.

The ‘windows’ were very small so each one had to be designed and made individually and painted to the specified colour.