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New 2000 tonne press investment

New 2000 tonne press investment

The new 2000 tonne Presezzi press, installed in August 2008, began producing profiles from 7-in dia billets at the end of the following month.

The layout includes a double puller, and a flying saw designed to cut on the weld. The largely-automated stretcher and saw arrangement is overseen by one operator. The billets are pre-heated in a gas-fired furnace which, in its final stage, incorporates taper heating.

The billets, as they emerge from the furnace, are hot-sawn to length and then transferred, by an overhead pick-and-place robot, to the press. Dies are preheated in one or other of three double and four single chest heaters supplied by Castool of Canada.

A new normalising furnace is soon to be installed, bringing up the number in use to three. The new press has brought immediate benefits, including greater flexibility, the ability to produce even more complex sections and improved quality.