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Power of Aluminium Design Award Winners Announced

Power of Aluminium Design Award Winners Announced

Following the success of the first ‘Power of Aluminium’ Awards and the ‘Young Designer Challenge’ in 2008, the Aluminium Extruders Association with support from the Aluminium Federation organised a new competition, aimed specifically at student designers.

Any new design or product created after 1 January 2009, in which the use of aluminium extrusions formed an integral part, was eligible.

A total of 29 entries were received.

The £1000 first prize winner is Nottingham Trent University student, Grant Riley, for ‘Clothing Management’, a series of designs for a coathanger system for use in hotels.

This anti-theft coat hanging system includes extruded aluminium brackets, a custom rail and individual anti-theft hangers.  The brackets incorporate c-shaped screw points for self-tapping screws to fix the system into existing wardrobes.

Extrusion gives the opportunity to cheaply add the extra functionality of a removable snap fit and ball-hook feature.  This feature renders the stolen hanger useless and also eliminates the need for extra parts to achieve this goal.

His ‘Jewellery’ entry was also Highly Commended by the judges.  His designs included niche market laser-cut rings and other jewellery.

The £500 second prize Winner is London Southbank University student, Nicholas Camilleri, for his ‘Twist’ LED lighting system design.

‘Twist’ is a pioneering LED light.  An extruded slider is used to adjust the colour balance of each 10-watt LED lamp, creating both a work lamp and a mood light.

The major judging criteria were:-

* Novel design based on use of extrusions
* Elegance or simplicity in re-designing a product by incorporating extrusions
* Technical viability
* Commercial viability

The judging panel was chaired by top furniture designer Rodney Kinsman of OMK Associates Limited and also included the Director of the London Design Museum, Deyan Sudjic.

The other judges were David Humphries, Sales Director of Sapa Profiles UK Limited, Neil James, Sales Director of Hydro Aluminium Extrusion UK Limited and Richard Mahoney, ALFED’s Public Affairs Executive.

The Awards will be presented by Baroness Gardner of Parkes at ALFED’s annual Parliamentary Lunch on Wednesday 7 July 2010 in the House of Lords. 

Both winners will be accompanied by their tutors, Martin Higginson of Nottingham Trent University and Robin Jones from London Southbank University.