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Sapa UK have just announced the winners of their recently run PRODUCT IDEAS COMPETITION.

Sapa UK have just announced the winners of their recently run PRODUCT IDEAS COMPETITION.

This internal competition was open to all employees. Dave Humphries, Sales Director presented first prize to Mark Precious, Quality Manager for his entry: Aluminium rolling pin with potential for cooling with water/ice.

Mark wins a play station PS3 for his innovative contribution.

Other employee winners were: Paul Maddocks, David Botting, Jerry Patefield-Smith, Kevin Meldrum, Des Fintham, Alan Wheeldon, Dave Flaherty, Andy Whittingham and Dave Spencer.

We thank everyone who entered this competition and we had some real quality entries with great ideas.

The entries covered a wide range of products, i.e. fencing, security, decking, shelving, skirting boards, flood defences and roof rails, of which some already exist in the market.

The winner was chosen due to possibilities of marketing this as a consumer product through one of our customers, which in turn would help to brand Sapa’s name in the UK. This product does exist in other countries, however this one suggested storing water/ice in the container itself which is a benefit to chefs and cooks alike for keeping pastry cool.  It has fabrication possibilities and can be anodised or painted to match kitchen décor – where required. This product is also made in wood or marble, wood is not necessarily hygienic and marble is heavy, aluminium competes very well along side these other materials.

Due to the entries being of such high standard Sapa UK decided to give a prize to each of these employees, not only as a thank you for their effort but for also giving us inspiration in coming up with some real possibilities for our market. It also gives us encouragement to look deeper into new product development.   The reason these have been chosen is that they take into consideration the versatility of aluminium, its corrosion resistance and lightweight benefits.

Many congratulations to all who participated. The competition will be launched again during 2010.

Alan Wheeldon Andy Whittingham
David Botting Dave Flaherty
Des Fintham Dave Spencer
Jerry Patefield-Smith Kevin Meldrum
Paul Maddocks