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Trials Begin for British Waterways

Trials Begin for British Waterways

British Waterways have been working with Sapa Profiles UK to develop a lightweight aluminium emergency stop plank for use in the event of breaches in our canal waterway systems.

British Waterways called upon aluminium profile specialists Sapa to design and manufacture a fully-fabricated, extending aluminium stop plank assembly in spring 2011 and trials in London and Derbyshire have now begun.

The stop planks act as a temporary measure whilst repairs are made to canals when the banks have been breached. Aluminium stop planks are a welcome alternative to the wooden ones currently in use across the UK. These planks are telescopic and lightweight, they can be used almost anywhere regardless of whether there is a stop plank already in situ.

Sapa, who are specialists in designing when using aluminium profiles, continue to work with British Waterways with the objective to create a system that is quick and easy to install. The initial trials have gone well and British Waterways plan to develop the system further.

British Waterways

Chris Rainger of British Waterways comments ‘When designing an innovative system such as this, a strong working relationship is paramount. With Sapa, we are working mutually to improve the system for the future; they fully understand our aims and are helping us achieve them’.