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Recycling aluminium

Recycling aluminium

Recycling aluminium is an essential part of our commitment to being a responsible industry leader.

Working under the mantle of the Sapa Group Environmental Policy,  we recognise our responsibility to minimise adverse environmental impact from our own operations.

Aluminium's recyclability 

High strength, low-weight, formability and corrosion resistance are some of the key benefits of specifying aluminium. What is most often seen as important though is aluminium's ability to be recycled. It is justly described as the correct environmentally friendly material for many applications, simply by virtue of its recyclability.

Aluminium is one of the most environmentally friendly metals in use today. Its easy recyclability is unlimited and its production is among the least harmful of metal production processes.

Aluminium is the ideal metal for recycling. So simple, easy and environmentally friendly to recycle that it is often called the green metal. A mere 5% of the original energy consumption is needed when remelting aluminium products.

Aluminium can be recycled time and time again. None of the properties are lost and, in contrast to many other materials, aluminium’s properties never change. Aluminium is, therefore, a valuable raw material – irrespective of where in the natural cycle it is to be found.

The recycling of aluminium not only reduces waste, it saves energy, conserves natural resources and can provide considerable revenue. In short, it is good for the environment and good for the economy. It uses 95 percent less energy than the production of primary metal from raw materials.

Tibshelf Remelt Facility

At Tibshelf we have our own remelt facility to ensure that every piece of waste aluminium, from every part of our production process is recycled. The remelt plant produces some 19,000 tonnes of extrusion billet to a quality standard at least as good as prime billet from the smelter. The casting table can produce logs of 7" and 9" in all the common extrusion alloys.

It is our aim to ensure we are a leader with our industry in responsible and voluntary environmental protection. We aim for waste-free processes wherever possible through best use of raw materials, energy and water. Aluminium is recognised as a low energy produced material with excellent recycling properties and moreover, all our aluminium waste such as offcuts, swarf etc. is recycled.