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Numerous functions can be integrated in extruded aluminium profiles

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When you are in the early stages of developing a new product that will use extruded aluminium, we invite you to consult our technically trained personnel.  They can offer general guidance on the section designs that will best suit your particular application, as well as detailed advice on matters such as thickness, stresses, channels and surface finish.

To help you, we can call on our in-house engineering expertise and experience and on the advanced skills of our research staff.

Making your designs come to life

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  • We want you to think of us as more than a quality supplier and more as a helpful resource.

    Sapa’s “Ideas Profile” provides examples: Screw port, heels, channels, reduced material thickness for spring, drill grooves, snap-fit lock, seamless tubing, expanded-surface cooling flange, decorative trim, joint function, friction patterns, anti-slip surfaces, screw port on support, anchors for sheet material, channels for screws or rivets, channels for rubber moulding, “Christmas tree” for fastening to wood or plastic and bolt channels.

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