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Sapa delivers Italian design

Sapa delivers Italian design

The materials are an unexpected combination of cold, brushed aluminium surfaces and black shiny glass

When the Slovenian household appliance company Gorenje had finished designing the aluminium panels for its new exclusive Pininfarina line of kitchen products, it started looking for a manufacturer to produce them. However, few could meet the challenge. The first attempts were made by manufacturers in Italy, the native country of Italian designer Paolo Pininfarina. But in the end, it was Sapa in Sweden that succeeded in producing the goods.

“None of the first manufacturers we asked could meet our requirements for quality and durability. The design is unusual because the door panels and handles are made in a single piece,” explains Irena Pečnik, executive assistant at Gorenje’s purchasing and logistics department in Velenje, Slovenia.

Gorenje’s collaboration with Sapa started in the office but continued in the factory. Representatives from Gorenje, including Pečnik, attended the first trial pressings in Finspång, Sweden.

“The panel has a very unusual shape. The biggest challenge was the c-shaped handle,” says Pečnik.

Sapa also proposed some changes that resulted in a thinner, lighter panel, which in turn reduced the load on the doors’ hinges.

“Part of production is still located in Sweden, but thanks to our new, larger press in Trzcianka, we’ll soon be able to move all production there,” says Franc Abram, export manager at Sapa in Poland, who initiated the collaboration with Gorenje.


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