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Focusing on the wall

Focusing on the wall

BANG & OLUFSEN needed profiles for a new store presentation stand

Bang & Olfson display wall made from Aluminium ProfilesWhen Danish company BANG & OLUFSEN needed profiles for a new store presentation stand they contacted Sapa. The result was not just a stand that was discreet and easy to use, but also the start of a deeper collaboration.

The Focus Wall presentation stand is an important element in bang & olufsen stores that is designed to show off the latest products and promotional messages. Because of this it has to be updated regularly. “It’s important that our in-store furnishings are discreet and elegant. We want our products to take centre stage. Aluminium frames fit this requirement very well,” says Juval Friis Philosof, in-house store designer with bang & olufsen.

In August 2006 Sapa in Denmark received an enquiry from bang & olufsen. Discussions followed and a series of improvements were made to the specification of requirements. Sapa’s complete solution entails providing everything from aluminium frames to screws and fittings, in the form of a complete “ikea kit” that is delivered direct bang & olufsen’s central warehouse.

BY REPLACING STEEL with aluminium the weight  of the entire package has been reduced from 25 to 16 kilograms. Handling costs have also been reduced by using simpler packaging. “Sapa’s expertise was a great help to us. We’ve continuously raised the bar and arrived at new solutions together,” says Thomas Svendsgaard, buyer with bang & olufsen.

There is big demand for Focus Wall version 2.0. The stands are needed in a large number of new stores and for updating existing stores. In order to meet bang & olufsen’s pricing and capacity requirements Sapa took a fresh approach to production, including investing in a robot system to simplify machining of the profiles.

“This work presented a challenge to optimise our own processes,” says Johnny Christensen, an engineer, and Thomas Behrndtz, key account manager with Sapa Profiler a/s. Automation and a combination of new techniques give Sapa the opportunity to make improvements in pricing and quality.

“A central part of Sapa’s philosophy is to be a partner in collaboration. Together with the customer we create a ‘win-win’ situation. The Focus Wall project has meant more than financial benefits alone for bang & olufsen and for Sapa,” says Thomas Behrndtz.

Focus Wall in brief

• The presentation stand consists of a sheet of MDF that provides a mounting surface, an aluminium frame made from profiles and horizontal profiles for shelves. The horizontal profiles are threaded internally so that they can easily be attached to the MDF sheet using specially developed heavy-duty screws.

• The Focus Wall comes in two sizes: 120 and 180 centimetres wide. A silicone strip makes it easy to attach textile banners to the aluminium frame.