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Sliding doors with an exciting design

Sliding doors with an exciting design

Today’s strong interest in interior design has increased demand for designed sliding doors. Prisma is a new line of sliding doors from Elfa with profiles in natural anodised and veneered aluminium

These products are sold by professional building material dealers. They consist of made to measure floor-mounted sliding doors with aluminium side profiles, floor tracks and ceiling tracks. Sapa Profiler in Sweden was involved in developing them, and supplies the highly valueadded profiles.

“The profiles play a crucial role in the new sliding doors’ design. Aluminium offers added stability and a wider range of exciting design options than steel and wood,” explains Marcus Grimerö, in charge of sliding doors at Elfa.

Prisma’s profiles are made of brushed aluminium in silver, bronze, white and chilli. The veneered profiles are available in birch and oak. The sliding doors are also available with attractive veneers in various designs, foil surfaces, and reflective and coloured glass.

The bottom wheels on Elfa’s sliding doors have ball bearings for smooth, silent action. “The doors’ entire weight rests on the floor track, making it easier for our customers to install them in their homes,” says Grimerö.