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Harrod UK, the UK's leading manufacturer of sports ground equipment.

Harrod UK, the UK's leading manufacturer of sports ground equipment.

Harrod UK are traditionalist and very proud in keeping up the highest standards of production that they have pioneered for over 50 years.

Over the years Harrod UK’s equipment has been specified wherever performance is required. From the Manchester Commonwealth Games, The Millennium Stadium, Twickenham, Premier League Clubs and academies to Wembley Stadium, Harrod UK goals and nets are the showpiece of the venue.

Safety, quality, strength and performance are winning combinations and characteristics of their products.

This new ‘Premier Curved Team Shelter’ is constructed using aluminium profiles supplied by Sapa Profiles UK Ltd. Harrod UK and Sapa have worked together to develop this new product which makes its debut in Nigeria, specifically for the Under 17 World Cup Football Championships. Aluminium profiles supplied by Sapa provided a manufacturing solution that cuts down on additional fabrication compared to other materials and can be treated through anodising to a high quality and resilient surface finish, the design expertise and material knowledge of Sapa’s technical team played a crucial role in the development of this new product.

Aluminium was the right choice for this invention, enabling the introduction of a curved structure which is strong yet lightweight, and looks good as well as meeting the needs of the product. Environmental credentials were also taken into consideration. Sapa produce aluminium profiles using their own recycled aluminium which uses only 5% of the energy required to produce virgin material.

At Harrod UK they recognise the importance of design and innovation, and this has helped them to remain at the forefront of the sports equipment manufacturing industry for over 50 years.

Premier Curved Team Shelters.

Manufactured from aluminium and available in 8, 10 or 12 seat versions, all shelters are 2.05m high to allow full standing access. The shelters are available as floor fixed or socketed options with a choice of red or blue individual injection moulded polypropylene seats