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Aluminium used as the effective solution for temporary roadways and pedestrian access

Aluminium used as the effective solution for temporary roadways and pedestrian access

Lion Trackhire Ltd prides themselves on their high quality and reliable service to customers as well as the unique and innovative features of their newly designed trackway panel

Their panels offer the safest, most environmentally friendly and cost effective solution for temporary roadways that are available on the market.  By listening to customers, their engineers have developed a new generation of trackway panel design, providing many features that will benefit this market including non trip hazards and an anti-slip finish.

This product which is constructed using aluminium extrusion is supplied fully fabricated by Sapa Profiles UK Ltd ready for final assembly. The choice of Sapa as the supply partner was secured by their ability to provide a complete solution, from design to fully fabricated components, ensuring the customer receives a top quality product to meet their exacting needs.

The choice of aluminium meets the needs for a strong, corrosion resistant and lightweight product but, in addition, meets Lion Trackhire’s strict environmental credentials. Sapa produce all of the panels from their own recycled aluminium using only 5% of the energy required to produce virgin material, making this the perfect choice for an environmentally responsible company.

The superior design of these Trackway panels easily outperforms plastic equivalents in loading, performance and environmental terms and lasts indefinatley given routine maintenance.   With the combination of highly advantageous panel and some of the best engineers in the industry, Lion Trackhire were able to focus on growing their new business, comfortable in the knowledge that Sapa could meet and respond to their increasing demands.

Lion Trackhire have already used these panels on some high profile events such as Flora London Marathon, the new Robin Hood film and the Take That concert at Hampden Park.