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Products containing extruded aluminium profiles

Products containing extruded aluminium profiles

Aluminium extrusions are all around you whether you are at work, driving your car, at home or at leisure. Sapa Profiles have contributed to the development of thousands of products containing extruded aluminium profiles.

The computer you are using right now contains at least one aluminium profile in the form of a heat sink. This takes advantage of aluminium’s excellent thermal conductivity, unique anodising capability and freedom of design to keep your computer’s processor cool.

If you are currently sitting in a modern office environment, there will undoubtedly be aluminium profiles used somewhere in the construction of the building or in the fixtures and fittings. There may be extruded aluminium in the desk system, or the windows or partition walls.

Whilst driving home from the office you are likely to be literally surrounded by aluminium. Cars manufactured by Aston Martin, Lotus, Jaguar or Audi are cocooned in an aluminium space frame made up of a combination of aluminium extrusions castings and sheet aluminium. Drivers’ safety is also likely to depend on extrusions such as, airbag deployment doors, side impact members and crash management systems

Anodised aluminium is now fashionable as a design statement in car interiors with many interior finishes and accessories exhibiting that brushed silver appearance of anodised aluminium – scratch resistance, ease of cleaning and recyclability being additional benefits.

On trains nowadays the newest railway carriages are made in their entirety from 20 metre long aluminium extrusions welded together to make the entire carriage body. The handrails, luggage racks and seats are all likely to be aluminium extrusions as well.

When travelling by plane  you will be surrounded by aluminium. Extrusions play their part from the ‘stringers’ providing the structural strength to the wings, to the overhead luggage compartments and the seat fixtures and fittings.

At home you will find aluminium profiles in some very obvious locations, your front door and windows perhaps, and most certainly the DIY stepladder in your garage. Because of the advantages of manufacturing with extruded aluminium profiles, some of today’s design icons are made this way, the i-Pod is a shining example of stylish design using aluminium.